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Copper is a micro-nutrient that is critical for photosynthesis and seed development. Wheat, barley and oats are the most sensitive to copper deficiencies.

The Technology

VantageAg - Copper is an enhanced plant nutrient formulation derived from our reacted liquid Quantum Ag technology. Our copper liquid is a highly effective sub-nano ­particle formulation designed to cover and penetrate plant tissue. Our reacted liquid Quantum Ag technology allows nutrients to be more bio-available and highly efficient. Our copper ions are 420 times more active than current copper sulphate technology. The low amount of copper allows for excellent crop safety and a more environmentally friendly product.

Copper Nutrition

Copper is a micro-nutrient that is critical for photosynthesis and seed development. Wheat barley and oats are the most sensitive crops to copper deficiencies. Copper deficient soils, or where copper maybe less available, are the 2 extreme soil types; sandy soils and peat soils high in organic matter. Copper, along with other micronutrients, can also be tied up in soils with applied manure, high levels of phosphorus and high pH. Copper should be applied early in the growing season.


This product is designed to be used foliarly when copper maybe deficient. Consult label for specific application instructions. Rates on most crops are 50mL to 80mL per acre, when applied foliarly. Increase rates to 100mL/acre for soil applied and 150mL/acre when applied to a granular fertilizer. This product will tank mix with other products but always conduct a jar test to ensure compatibility. The results pertain to physical compatibility and cannot predict changes in crop protection, product efficacy or crop tolerance. Test all crop protection products applied at high end of recommended rates.

Physical Characteristics


5% Copper




Blue Liquid


Class 8 - Corrosive

DO NOT ALLOW PRODUCT TO FREEZE - product will become inactive.

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