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Nitrogen is critical to plant growth and reproduction and enters the plant as either nitrate or ammonia early on in the plant's growth.

The Technology

Vantage Ag - Nitrogen, is an enhanced plant nutrient formulation derived from our proprietary reacted liquid Quantum Ag technology. Our liquid Nitrogen is a sub nano particle formulation designed to cover and penetrate plant tissue in the nitrate form. Our reacted liquid technology allows for nutrients to be highly bio-available and quickly absorbed and metabolized by the plant. The low amount of actual Nitrogen allows for excellent crop safety and a more sustainable option.

Nitrogen Nutrition

Nitrogen, moves readily in the soil and availability can vary greatly throughout a field. This means that when plants require Nitrogen there may not be enough in certain areas of a field to supply crop needs. Depending on soil type, rainfall and placement, spring applied Nitrogen may not provide the Nitrogen the plants require later in the growing season. Nitrogen is critical to plant growth and reproduction and enters the plant in either the nitrate or ammonia form. Nitrogen uptake by the developing crop occurs early in the plant’s growth. Most of the nitrogen is absorbed by the time of heading. That is why it is crucial to have sufficient nitrogen available in the early stages of plant growth.


This product is designed to be used foliarly when Nitrogen maybe deficient. This can be mixed with herbicides and fungicides. For in furrow applications increase rates by 25%. Consult label for specific application instructions and always conduct a jar test. Rates on crops on the prairies are 100mL to 500mL per acre. The results pertain to physical compatibility and cannot predict changes in crop protection, product efficacy or crop tolerance. Test all crop protection products applied at high end of recommended rates.

Physical Characteristics


7% Nitrogen




Bright Yellow Liquid


Class 8 - Corrosive

DO NOT ALLOW PRODUCT TO FREEZE - product will become inactive.

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